When is it Love? 

Love calls for courage, strength and commitment.

It needs a soft heart that is vulnerable to pain and grief.  Love builds a bridge between you and everything.

It allows you to take risks.  It involves high risk with high stakes and high gains.

How does Couples Therapy help?

Linda Taylor shows couples what is needed for a lasting bond.

She will show you how to tune in to and share your deepest needs and longings.

Linda will take you through some common insights gathered from exploring couples’ therapy.

Common Insights

  • give clear signals to help your partner to know how to respond
  •  be open and responsive both emotionally and physically
  • provide a haven for emotional engagement
  • pay attention to each other
  • rewards of love are balance, calm, and joy
  • neglect kills love
  • feeling emotionally rejected or abandoned in not safety
  • emotion tells us exactly what we need listen to it
  • forgiveness is essential
  • lasting passion is possible
  • respond to each other in an emotional way
  • holding each other is deeply calming and satisfying
  • remember the good feelings of holding a baby
  • stay open and want to do things for each other
  • be more sensitive to each other’s needs f
  • have each other’s back
  • it is not all bout practical things, like, “I mow the lawn”, “I prepare meals”

ACTIVITY and PRACTICE: do these actions every day

Together, come up with 5 actions that creates a positive loop of closeness, responsiveness, caring, and desire.

Do at least one of these each day.

Revise these action every three months to see what works.  If it works keep doing it.  If it doesn’t work do different actions

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