Create a Resourceful Marriage

Refine your thoughts to enhance your marriage

Your mind is a blueprint for creation, reprogram it to create what you want.    You move through a range altered states 24/7.   These are mental and emotional states, some of which are highly resourceful and some not so resourceful.

By being in the present moment you can shift your state to create what you want.  This is a gift of being human, your capacity to enjoy the moment and wake up to your mental and emotional potential.   The more present or awake you are for the moments you live the more joy you will experience.  When you appreciate the moment you can create the conditions you want, let go and allow it to happen.  Lack of awareness, living in the past or future and negativity will block you moving forward towards your goals.

An aware state is being fully present to what is going on around you, using all your senses.   Being open to the moment is a natural condition that exists whether you are alone or with others and in this state you control your responses to the world.  It takes practise being in a resourceful state and allowing good things to come to you.

How to create a resourceful state in marriage    

  1. Get some distance from your symptoms the moment of learning is in the present moment, it gives you a newness of possibilities in everything

Activity Slow down and watch your breath.  As you breathe in count to 7 and as you breathe out count for 7, work to balance you’re in and out breathe.  Do this as many times for you to feel centred, like a slight shift down in gears or an expanded awareness

  1. Create self-belief your mind is the blueprint for creation. Everything is the ultimate projection of your mind, control your mind and your world can be conquered.  Find what gives you meaning in life and takes steps toward it.

Activity 1) list the opportunities you have with your partner 2) what you love about him/her? 3) What are your partners strengths?

  1. Take responsibility for your attitude your attitude at any point in time is yours, no one else’s. You can take a stand to whatever conditions present and how you react is entirely up to you.  You may not be able to change the situation but you can change your attitude to it.

Activity be proud of what your partner, who they are and what you give meaning to their actions – no matter how small or big.

Reframe your thoughts to enhance your marriage, it takes effort and you will notice the changes. Use these to guide you and add your own:

I add new dimensions and experiences to my marriage

I give my best to maintain a vital, vibrant marriage

I am understanding, kind, and considerate of my partner always

Every day my love for my partner grows stronger

I make sure my partner feels loved by me

I stay young in mind and body

We build a life together and I have a sense of identity

We are an awesome team, together we grow, play, love, work, talk

I have my partner’s back, even when he/she seems to be against me, but I am not against him/she

I keep my marriage vital and meaningful

I look for the good in my partner

I am perfect just the way I am and in a process of improvement even when my partner criticises me

I love myself just as much as I love my partner

Take responsibility for my attitude towards my partner

Linda Taylor: 13th June 2018