Sydney workshops and online programs

Personal and relationship growth – face-to-face or online

I deliver a number of seminars and couples workshops in Sydney and across Australia, as well as online programs designed for relationship development and personal growth. Online courses are designed to be flexible to your schedule, while face-to-face workshops offer an intensive, hands-on experience.

You’ll find the content is highly grounded in respected research findings and is instructive, stimulating, and highly practical. And of course, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Intensive couples program

Marathon for understanding relationships (online + 2 days)

Ideal for you if: You’re a motivated couple who has recognised challenges in your relationship, and you’re both committed to understanding how to manage these issues before they become genuine problems. This is my complete program but streamlined to provide an intensive experience for couples that are limited with time and often have serious problems.

This program combines the online questionnaire with telephone interviews, a two-day face-to-face program, and a follow-up tele-conference. Held at Botany (Sydney), you can expect to:

• Work through gridlocked problems
• Open up a dialogue about what is important for you and your relationship, and
• Take steps to reconnect on all levels.

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Generating a happy and lasting relationship (2 days)

Ideal for you if: You’ve recognised issues or challenges in your relationship, and are both motivated and committed to fixing them before they become genuine problems.

In this two-day workshop (Sydney), you can both expect to:

• Learn and practise behaviours to improve your relationships
• Talk about love and intimacy with each other
• Bond and connect in a safe place
• Learn how to listen to yourself and your partner, and
• Learn about needs, and how to get them met within your relationship.

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Reigniting the intimacy in your relationship (2 days)

Ideal for you if: You’re in a committed relationship and looking to reconnect emotionally and sexually.

In this two-day workshop (Sydney), you can both expect to:

• Learn how to emotionally connect and keep the love alive
• Explore the tools for connection
• Develop a ‘self’ in your relationship
• Take responsibility for sexual connection and desire, and
• Discover what intimacy looks like.

This workshop will strip back your emotional relationship to the very core, rejuvenating your love and intimacy – it’s not for the faint-hearted.

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Note that although I am located in Sydney, programs can be run in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Canberra as required.

Online programs

A Taylor Made Life: Intensive online program for spiritual and self-development (12 weeks)

Ideal for you if: You want to release the habits that are forming you, and nurture an, ‘I can do anything if I put my mind to it’ mindset.

In this 12-week online program, you’ll learn to develop a true sense of self with the confidence to be inspired, follow your chosen path, and let absolutely nothing stop you from moving forward. Proven results include:

• A happier, more powerful and healthier mindset
• A calm, peaceful and quieter mind
• Increased confidence and focus on personal needs
• Improved relationships, more loving with self and others
• Attracting more abundance and prosperity, and
• Awareness of how to live your purpose.

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Contact me today – I’ll answer any questions you have and we can discuss the right approach for you.