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Positively Engaged in Your Partner

Being positively engaged in your partner lets them know that you value them and that you will stay close.   Couples can learn to use the language of love and build conversations that build a loving relationship house. In [...]

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Master or Disaster Couple Science

MASTER OR DISASTER COUPLE SCIENCE Research has been able to define master or disaster couple science.   Master couples live in a  sound relationship house.  What they do in relationship is very different to what disaster couples do. QUALITES OF [...]

Build friendship to create safe relationship space

 BUILD FRIENDSHIP TO CREATE SAFE RELATIONSHIP SPACE  Well known relationship experts, Dr's John and Julie Gottman, say that anger in conflict is not dangerous it is the escalation of anger that causes most damage, "only 31% [...]

Relationship Bank Account

RELATIONSHIP BANK ACCOUNT After your last argument you realise your relationship bank account is in "the red", there is little love left to give your partner and not much coming back to you in return. [...]

Understanding 10 effects porn has on your relationship

Can porn be safe and unthreatening in your relationship? Many couples who come to me for therapy say pornography can be incorporated into a happy relationship without secrecy and shame but undeniably it can cause harm.    Viewing sex online has too [...]

Happily married forever after

MASTER COUPLES STAY "HAPPILY MARRIED FOREVER AFTER" The most popular months for marriage are October and November.   According the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in one year about 122,000 Australian couples will say "I do", committing to [...]